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SOINTELL launches TOUCHJET products for the first time in INDIA.

Products that will redefine how you learn, work, live, entertain, move around, interact and much more….


Wireless Touchscreen Projector

Handheld Android device projects onto any flat surface, with interactive stylus & remote gesture control.

  • Portable Design
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bright Projections
  • Multi-Touch
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Built-in Speaker


HD 3D Smart Touch Projector

It instantly transforms any opaque surfaces such as walls, desktops, etc. into touchable, giant screens that can be operated with a matching stylus

  •  Built-in infrared emitting device
  •  Comes with audio
  •  Projection of 20 to 200 inches of the screen
  •  Comes with trapezoidal correction
  •  Projector built-in Andrews
  •  Dual-band Wi-Fi


Android Tablet TV System

Touchjet WAVE turns your flat screen TV or monitor into a touchscreen tablet with a built-in Android OS.

  • Mounts on any TV and monitor
  • Run any Android app
  • Web Camera
  • Connects to WiFi
  • Finger & Stylus Touch
  • Remote Control


Truly jaw-dropping amazing… use the stylus to interact directly with the projector, no computer needed!

Alice Keeler, Teacher Tech

You can set up shop anywhere and by projecting onto a whiteboard and/or poster paper where students can write on, make predictions, and explore even further.

Ed Campos Jr., Math Teacher

Students in small groups can now use the whiteboards to begin discussion and as a springboard to the next assignment.

Davide Platt, German Language Teacher